Finance Center

secure your club’s funding with the Undergraduate Council


Learn how to plan, apply, and interview for club funding from the Harvard Undergraduate Council using our ultimate guide. We highly recommend that all student organizations review the 5 Step guide prior to applying for funding.


The Policy Guide is a compiled list of our funding restrictions. It is built into the Club Grant Application, to increase transparency with clubs about the allocation process. You can view the list here. The Policy Guide is a dynamic document & can change.


Have Questions?

Email if you have questions about how club funding works, about the UC, or about the status of one of your grants. If you do not get a response within two days, please just send a quick & polite follow up!

Email List

The UC Finance Committee sends emails to club treasurers & leadership about updates to the grant system and policy guide. If you would like to add or remove an email from that list, please fill out the form linked below.


Click here to view UC Club Grant and Grant for an Open Harvard College applications.

grant interviews

After completing a UC Club or GOHC application, click here to view the next steps of the UC Grants process.

submit receipts

After your event or purchases have been made, fill this funding accountability form out.

missing grants FORM

If you have not received your funding by the Wednesday after you see your club in the UC Weekly, let us know.