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Council Awareness, Resources, and Extracurricular Support Act

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During the Spring 2020 Semester, the students of Harvard College were required to move off campus in a condensed timeframe in order to help de-densify campus and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The rapid transition, while necessitated by the state of the emerging global health crisis, placed unanticipated financial pressure on many as students booked plane tickets to return home and stored or shipped their belongings.

In Harvard's effort to source storage solutions for students, Olympia Moving & Storage was provided as a ready option for students to store and ship their belongings. With few other viable options on such short notice, many Harvard students opted for storage with Olympia. 

While there was substantial help with the initial costs (between the College and the Undergraduate Council, students on full financial aid could store 4 items for free until September), there are now significant costs associated with the remote school year. Harvard is covering $175 of these costs, yet the average cost per student is approximately $450.

The Harvard Undergraduate Council needs your support to help students cover the additional costs of storing and shipping incurred as a result of the College's COVID-19 pandemic response. All proceeds will go directly to undergraduate students. Any additional money raised will be spent supporting students who need improved access to technology and alternative housing.

Please consider making a donation to the Harvard Undergraduate Council in our effort to support the students of Harvard College during these difficult times. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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