The Finance Committee

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About The Club Funding Process

How are club funding decisions made? After a club grant application is submitted, grants are sorted by type. Small grants are assessed during committee session while larger grants require an interview. Committee members function in both assessing small grants and in interviewing grant applicants in order to make tentative funding appropriations based on the Policy Guide. Once all small grants are accounted for and all interviews are complete, the Committee convenes together to make a decision on that week’s budget. Once the budget amount is approved by a majority vote of the Committee, the Committee Chair sets a universal cut rate to meet the budget. The cut rate is applied equally to all funding requests for that week. After a majority vote, the Committee sends the now completed Grants Pack to the Council for approval. Once approved by a quorum of Council Members, disbursements are directed by the Council Treasurer to clubs and student orgs.


CHAIR: Danny Berrospi

VICE CHAIR: Elijah Suh

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